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Our Services

Interior Design
  • Space Planning
  • Selection of Materials
  • 3D Design Creation
  • Working Drafts
  • Monitoring and Supervision of Works

Premium Class Renovation works supervised by designers with intensive work experience. TIME which is the most precious can be saved by relying on the professional team of FORTIS. In the initial phase, we produce a design, then we provide you with information about pricing. You know exactly how much will be spent on your renovation.

  • Multistorey Buildings
  • Individual Dwelling Houses
  • Public and Commercial Buildings
  • Parks and Gardens
Landscape Design

A project cannot be accomplished without creating its relevant environment. FORTIS offers professional planning and design of landscapes.

Why Fortis?

Reason 1

Your projects are being supervised by architects and designers with 15 years of experience.

Reason 2. 

Friendly Environment

Reason 3

Your result will exceed your expectation

Reason 4

Easy Communicatio

Reason 5

Quality always exceeds the price.

Reason 6

Our customers always return to us with a new project

Build Together With FORTIS

What could each member of our team say about ourselves? Probably that we have high sense of responsibility, that we DO LOVE our job and that can be felt in details.